I just finished re-reading Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) and I still get emotional. I will re-read it after few more years again :3


And this is one of the Author’s notes at some end of the page. The whole series is filled with these Author’s notes that it looks like some sort of a mini manga series to me. Tsuda always says funny things in her section eh.

(In one Author’s notes, she mentioned that her parents bought a Windows 95 computer and has a lot of functions, man this manga is such a classic isn’t it?)

I will not accept Natsume dying early and Mikan will marry Ruka even if I like Ruka.


The image on top is a page describing the epilogue photos given at the end of volume 31. A lot of people are concerned about the image on the left with RUka and Mikan(H) and below is a long description of it. If ANYONE knows Japanese and can translate the explanation for that picture it would be greatly appreciated. Some people are worried that natsume is “dead” b/c of the photo.

Gakuen Alice

And so after 10 years, I managed to finish it.

I creys after my OTP’s reunion!!!

My goodness, Natsuumeeeee :’(( *sniff sniff*

The ending seems rushed though, IMO. What happened to my Hotaru??! The epilogue pictures are so vague! I want a canon interpretation :/ I just want Mikan to end up with Natsume and have Hotaru her happy ending and good life, good health, good everything. This girl, I want her to be happy for the rest of her days, my poor baby T^T

people don’t see human. they see sinner, religious, prostitute, thug, race, etc. all except human.

- Scottie Waves (via whispersinnthedarkk)

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One of those days again *WARNING* Extreme rant! ReadAtYourOwnRisk!

I went on a short overnight trip last weekend and I got on a little accident because of me being a magnet to such things, I accidentally stabbed(?) my foot with a rusted nail, and everywhere I go, no hospital has Tetanus Toxoid. I was with my boyfriend that day and we went to 2 hospitals and a clinic. 

It was already past 7:30 in the evening and he still have some things to do. So I told him he doesn’t have to send me off. Tbh, I want him to send me off at least to the Jeepney station, but that would be selfish of me. 

And so after those few hospitals, I finally found one near my parents’ place and the shots cost too much.

When I got home, my mother is being bitchy to me again because she thinks I’ll get pregnant just because I had an overnight with my boyfriend and his friends. She tells me I got pierced by that god damn rusty nail because I am too stupid. Which shows how little she thinks of me and how narrow-minded she is. 

The morning of that day, I got an angry call from my father because of how I am being disrespectful to him because I didn’t tell him personally that I’ll be out of town. I already told my mother about that trip though.

And my father insists that he’ll talk to my boyfriend. WTF. What is there to talk about?! He even told me that my boyfriend should have went with me in the hospital and sent me home. 

My mother even told me that it’s my boyfriend’s duty to ask their permission whenever we go out, especially overnight. She even cited her life as an example as always, that even when she was already 28 years old, my father would ask the permission of my her aunt as respect to the owner of the house she lives. Meh, they had me 7 months after they got married and I am not premature. Looking at those pictures, the wedding was rushed. I am not naive and I am not stupid to figure out things early on. Everything can be found on birth certificate. She thinks I’ll get pregnant like her and my no-brain relatives and will lead to a miserable life like them. When she made the biggest mistake of her life it doesn’t mean I will too.

To my boyfriend’s credit, he’s always asking me whenever we go out of town if he should ask for my parent’s permission and I always reply with a “No need”, because I know my parents very well and they are overly dramatic like they are the best parents in the whole world.

Him and her will just embarrass me.

You see, growing up, my parents didn’t get along very well. I used to cry myself to sleep at night to the sound of the two of them screaming at each other, praying to God to keep the ‘family’ intact and to not have a broken family. Until now, they are the same, they fight every time they see each other. Even when I was still a baby, they already bicker at each other and fight a lot. I always jokingly answers “Pinaglihi ako sa sama-ng-loob" when people are talking about those myths.

My parents are so closed-minded/narrow-minded people. I just had an overnight with my boyfriend and his friends and they think that I will get pregnant. For freak’s sake! I’m almost 24! They’re treating me like a child! And most of all they don’t trust my decisions, they don’t know me at all and it frustrates me very much.

I’m sorry to say this, but for me they are not family. Those people are just housemates I never get along with. Parents are people who paid my tuition fee, that’s all. They give me the creeps whenever they act nice. I hate them!

The closest sibling I have is the one after me, we’re not the best buddies but we’re okay. The others are so-so. I just hate my parents not because they’re my parents but I hate all people like them.

They are so self-righteous, very highly opinionated, narrow-minded, and discriminator, they act like parents when it’s convenient, they think they are wise just because they are older, and they think they are the perfect parents, which btw, as you all know, I highly disagree.

And so, I’m on war with my parents at the moment. They’re stupid. I know I am being mean and being an ungrateful child to them, but I really hate them. I want to leave this place as soon as possible. I took a week-long vacation and maybe I’ll use this time to find an apartment and a new job, or something.


Some nice Sailor Moon wallpapers I found for your phone / part 2/3

Enjoy !!

( some of them was taken from moonkitty.net ^^ )

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There are so many overrated anime series/films, but the first thing that comes to my mind is:

BLEACH - I never liked this anime, sorry. The main character and most side characters annoy me very much. And what’s up with Ichigo getting all kinds of powers? So annoying.


Let’s see~

Maybe the top on my list would be:

  • ERGO PROXY - I know it has to do with one’s own preference, but I "biasedly" think Ergo Proxy deserves more viewers. Most people think it’s boring but as the story progresses, the boring and complicated start make sense. See, I am biased as hell.
  • ONE OUTS - Oh, you know this baseball guy that has a devil’s ruthlessness. It’s psychological, and seinen, most anime viewers don’t enjoy this kind of stuff.
  • SHANGRI-LA - 24-episode anime about “post-apocalyptic-ish" world (Japan is the center of story, obviously) that deserves more love.
  • PAPRIKA - I’m sorry but I prefer this over Inception at any day.
​- Kelsey Summers [Finding It]

​- Kelsey Summers [Finding It]

- Kelsey Summers [Finding It]

- Kelsey Summers [Finding It]

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- Jackson Hunt [Finding It]



It was like, what, around 14 years ago when I went gaga over Fushigi Yuugi. So I was in 4th grade when I was an avid FY fan, to the point that I’ll throw a tantrum when I missed an episode, and I will literally fly home if I can just to not miss one. So about 10 years later (about 4 years ago), FY had a re-run. I would like to crawl six feet under when I realized I should be embarrassed of my actions towards it before. It’s not really worth my time, and that kind of anime is what I hate now. I really grew up, huh.

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